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Social Media & The D.C. Quake!

Happy Friday!

As we all remember the rumble we experienced August 23rd, I thought I’d share my find of a few fun facts! 5,500 tweets per second, that’s a lot of tweets in the midst evacuating or hiding under desks for shelter! 

I chose this graphic to explain how a mediocre graphic can turn you off to great information!

With the color choice of heavy blue and use of black gradients, I am immediately turned off from this design. We see the same tones giving minimal dimension with the exclusion of the vibrant green. The other major issue is the text. I like the idea of using different colors to apply emphasis on key words, but this doesn’t aid to the over all design and legibility which defeats the purpose of an infographic. 

Though the artist did a good job of laying out text, nice choice of typeface and use of imagery, it wasn’t enough. 

Either way, enjoy learning a little about social media and our recent event in D.C., maybe next week I’ll find one on hurricane Irene! 

Washington D.C. Earthquake
Created by Leadgenix – Internent Marketing Solutions.

The Art and Science of S’mores

To kick off my Data Visualization blog, I’m sharing a fun and well done infographic by REI, and also because I have a huge sweet tooth. 

This is an example of a clever way to connect the classic outdoor enthusiast OR wannabe to the brand. The graphic not only subtly sells their “Rolla-Roaster” and “Stormproof Matches” products but engages them with the incentive to get out and do something. I’m not sure about you, but this has made my mouth water, now yearning for a campfire and S’mores!